Review. Assess. Celebrate.

Did you get a chance to really celebrate your accomplishments?

In our last session, each member of the women's accountability group I facilitate (The All In Circle) presented a review of 2017. Guided by my 12 Questions for the Year worksheet, we dissected the challenges and tallied up all the wins. It's amazing what happens when you keep track of your life and business.  You're really able to see a clear picture of growth and not just items on a list checked or unchecked. Every time we do this exercise we're always so surprised at how much we achieved. 

One of the hardest parts about being in business for yourself is recognizing a job well done. We get so focused on our mile-long to do list and the huge gap between where we are and where we want to be, we rarely keep track of and reflect on the wins.  

Why does this matter?

Not counting wins is one of the top reasons most people fail in their new year's resolutions and attempts at achieving the goals they set. In order to help you get the year started off right, at the end of this post is a free download for my 12 Questions for the Year worksheet and video to walk you through the process. 

This worksheet is perfect if you're still recovering from the holiday season and really starting to get your mind wrapped around planning for this year. Not only will these questions help you create a baseline, they’ll also help you see how far you’ve come and where your attention should be focused in the new year.

Download the worksheet in the signup form below and after you watch the video, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.  What comes up for you when going over these questions?  What should you be celebrating? 

Counting the wins is just one of the top goal setting issues my upcoming Soulful Strategic Planning workshop series tackles.  If you want to create a plan that's aligned and something you can count on to help you achieve your goals, join us on February, 1st 2018.