make 2018 your year

If you’re like most people who create goals, plans, or resolutions that end up not going very far during the course of a year (only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are actually achieved), you’ve probably experienced feeling like a hamster on a wheel as you’ve tried to manage your life and business.  

In the Soulful Strategic Planning workshop series, I turn everything you've been told about goal setting on it's head. Join the workshop and you'll walk away with a clear, actionable, flexible blueprint that addresses the top goal-setting mistakes and aligns your vision with the day-to-day. 

Soulful Strategic Planning Dates 2018

does any of this sound like you?

Your to-do lists  have become pages long. You find yourself downloading a new productivity app, trying the quadrants again, and reading those Top 10 Ways Productive People Are Better Than You articles. Yet you’re still feeling overwhelmed, like there aren’t enough hours in the day, or you don’t know where to start on that one big goal you can’t seem to pin down. 

It Doesn't have to Be This WAy

There are so many reasons why we can’t get our sh*t together on the things that we want to accomplish the most. The biggest, overarching obstacle standing in the way of your success is a knowing what's behind the things you truly want and creating a framework that takes both your life and your business or career into consideration. 

After years of working with groups and individuals doing everything from vision boards to formal strategic plans, I’ve compiled all that I’ve learned about goal setting and vision mapping and created a better way to create goals that align with who you are and the impact you want to make. 

Soulful Strategic Planning 2018 Pricing

4 Workshops packed with content + More

Workshop #1: Getting to Why

In this workshop, you'll learn the top mistakes people make in goal setting and how to address each one.   I'll share my proven method for creating goals that align with who you are and how you work, plus where to start when it comes to creating a mission and vision statement for the year.   We'll also create a baseline assessment, and you'll receive an overview of your entire plan outline. 

Workshop #2: Goals that Make Sense

We'll identify what it takes to create goals that truly align, identify your top priorities and your overall why for each category covered.  You'll learn how to create measures of success for each goal and we'll also dive deep into your monetary and financial goals and priorities. 

workshop #3: From The Clouds to the Ground

In this workshop you'll learn how to create realistic strategies and tactics in order to make your vision executable.  We'll connect all of your previous work with what it takes to get everything on the calendar and create quarterly, monthly and weekly tasks. 

Workshop #4: Creating your document

In this workshop you'll put it all together and identify ways to make your plan your own. We'll cover how to create a one pager that captures the entirety of your plan for the year, and how to add imagery, themes, quotes, and songs to make a document that you won't just leave on the shelf to collect dust.  You'll also learn how to work your plan into your current work flow and routine to ensure you keep it up to date and remain on task. 

Goals that are authentic

Learn the keys to understanding what your "Why" is so you can create goals that make sense for you and only you.  Not goals you "should want" or are "supposed to have".  Plus, you'll have a better understanding of what upcoming opportunities are a good fit and when you're getting off track.

A plan you can execute

Learn simple, tried and true steps to clarifying goals, creating strategies that fit, and identifying the tactics and timeline to actually get it all done.  Plus you'll learn how to make time for life right along with your business and career plans, and how to add your plan to your daily routine. 

time to actually get it done

The planning process takes a lot of work, and it's honestly why most people tend to never complete it. In this workshop you'll have more than enough time to complete your plan on site and with scheduled work days in the space to keep you accountable. 


Outside of the workshops you'll have access to the exclusive Facebook group, 3 thirty-minute coaching sessions, unlimited email for questions and feedback, and a group of like-minded people on the same journey. 

Soulful Strategic Planning will help you: 

+Avoid the top mistakes most people make in goal setting

+Create a solid strategy that turns your big picture into smaller actionable steps

+Quickly determine what opportunities are a good fit

+Stay on track when life happens and you inevitably get distracted