Join the All In Circle

Join the All In Circle

All In Circle

It's time to get your life together in 2015.  

The All In Circle started out with a few women who couldn't stop talking about all the topics brought up by Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In".  Getting it out in the open and sharing it with a circle of like-minded people who were supportive was so awesome, and we couldn't get enough. 

Of course, I'm all about action and I wanted to capture all of the great things coming out of the conversation and add structure.  I was in the middle of my coaching certification training, and had recently started serving as president of a women's professional group. I had been thinking about starting a coaching group, but I assumed it was something I wouldn't do until my coaching practice was more established.  We always put the things we really want to do in some far off "someday land", huh?

Luckily, thanks to Michelle Morgan, the founder of NEX Atlanta, I was able to connect with another woman that was interested in starting a women's group and we held an informational session to see who wanted to join.

So much has happened since that initial informational session.  Lives and businesses have been changed dramatically, and at a speed that just doesn't happen when you're trying to go it alone.  Plus, the very first group has stayed on for a little over a year so far. 

I'm so excited to be opening up enrollment for another group!  I even created my first video explaining what it's all about:

For more detailed information and a link to the application: