Why Teladoc is for the Modern Mompreneur

Evi D Modern Mompreneur

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I cannot imagine a time in my life where I have been as busy as I am today.

And I don't mean "Oh I'm soooooo busy".  I mean literally every single hour from the time I open my eyes is filled with something or someone that requires my full presence and attention. And yes, even though I'm the self-care queen, it has been quite an adjustment getting settled. I've transitioned into a new home, new career, new phase of my business, and a new stage of motherhood all at once.

I love it and have so much gratitude for how things have unfolded, but while life continues to move at this speed, I'm realizing it's so important to incorporate any and all the things that simplify and save time and headaches overall. I recently learned about Teladoc, a virtual healthcare solution to supplement your overall healthcare needs.

A few weekends ago, while my husband was away for the weekend, I was preparing to mom it up with our one year old son, Ari, and maybe run errands, and get a couple boxes unpacked from our recent move.

I had plans. All kinds of wonderful plans. On our short walk home from preschool I noticed Ari had a runny nose and was a little crankier than usual.  The weather was in transition, and he's hanging around other toddlers now, so I wasn't too worried. But then the next day, his energy wasn’t quite up to speed; he kept being cranky for “no reason” and he just refused to be put down. Plus, he kept putting his fingers in his mouth. After lunch, I realized he was feeling quite warm, and things basically spiraled down from there as we engaged in the dance of medicine, eating, crying, and sleeping and more medicine.

At times like these, all the questions come up: Is he teething again? His cry is a little different; what if it's something different? Is this the flu? How serious is his temperature? Is he eating enough? Is he going to get dehydrated? And the list goes on. How many times have you gone down the rabbit hole google searching all of your symptoms and trying to figure whether or not it's cancer or just gas? I've spent countless hours on forum after forum reading through parents' questions and experiences trying to figure out how to tell when something is serious enough to really worry about and bring him into the doctor. Plus, now that we live in-town again, our pediatrician--whom we love very much because of her values and breadth of knowledge--is a 45 minute drive even without typical Atlanta traffic conditions, and this was happening over the weekend.

While we had to go the traditional route and see our doctor on this occasion, this is where telemedicine like Teladoc really can change the game for me in the future.

I'd heard about virtual medicine before but had never thought to consider it as an option. Until this most recent occasion when I was in a situation where: I really didn't want to take Ari out of the house, it wasn't serious enough to go to an emergency room, but I also didn't want to have to wait too long to get guidance from our doctor.  

Let's just talk about traditional doctor’s visits for a minute. Have you ever had a doctor’s appointment that was set up according to the doctor’s schedule and what was available only to show up on time and then proceed to wait for 30-45 minutes to be seen? I’ve definitely had office visits that were time wasters in the past with other doctors. When you're busy juggling clients and managing your household, the last thing you want is to have to block off an entire day for a doctor's appointment that could take twenty minutes or two hours of your time only for them to answer a simple question or fill a prescription. With a service like Teladoc, you can see a doctor on your time, in the convenience of your home or anywhere you are. I love the idea that this is something I could also use while out of town on a work trip or vacation.

I'm honestly kicking myself for not having looked into whether I have a telemedicine option like Teladoc as part of my healthcare plan in the past. Many of us do and don’t even know it. With a virtual healthcare option like this, I wouldn’t have to worry if it’s in the middle of the night, on the weekend, or if my pediatrician happens to be out of the office. I can see and/or speak with a doctor 24/7,  get answers fast, and and even a prescription filled if I need it. It’s not in any way the *total* solution for my healthcare needs, but it definitely saves me money, drive time, work time and family time, which means it just perfectly fills in the gap.

I want to hear from you! Have you heard of Teladoc before? Is Teladoc already a part of your healthcare benefits for you and your employees? What other apps and platforms are currently changing the game and making your life easier?

To learn more, visit www.teladoc.com/builtforyou