New Year's Goals

12 Questions for The New Year

12 Questions for The New Year

Did you do your planning before the year's end so you could be on and popping in the new year? Yeah, neither did I, but there's no time like the present!

When it comes down to it, we know we need to plan, and you know you need to sign up for workshops and accountability to get your life together in the new year, but sometimes it’s hard to just get started. So, I created a free download + video that shares the first step in my process to help you get the ball rolling. 

Let's Get Serious About 2016

Let's Get Serious About 2016

While the party invitations and family gatherings are filling up our calendars, many of us entrepreneurs are working nonstop to get those last things crossed off our task lists before the year winds down.  It’s the time of year that always seems to sneak up on us, and no matter how much we’ve actually accomplished--believe me, you’ve done a lot of awesome things this year, I promise—we never quite feel like we've gotten it all done. 

Did you write the book? Did you solidify that strategic partnership? Did you finally get speaking gigs?  Did you lose those 15 pounds?  Did you finish the website?  Did you take down your online dating profile? Did you spend more time with friends/family?  Did you have more date nights? Did you pay down your debt? DID YOU REACH THE SIX FIGURE MARK? 

My Plan for Optimum Soul Glow in 2015

Diana Ross I'm Coming Out

One thing I know for sure is that I love creating full-on experiences in everything I do. No matter what, it must be beautiful. How does this play out in my life? I thought about my goals for 2015 and not only do I have a theme, a phrase, a song, and visuals to represent it, I also created a visually appealing representation of my strategic plan to go along with it. Don't hate.

My official business establishment date is July 2012. I quit my job of five years, got married two months later, and took the first step in making my side hustle official. I like to say that it all really started at the top of 2013, because that's when I was fully out of the nonprofit world and in my own business full time. 2013 was a year of learning and networking, learning, throwing myself out there and learning some more. 2014 was about refining (and learning), and getting started on some of the ideas I had, and being *there for my family*.  What's in store for 2015? This is the year of The Shine.

<Insert intro to Diana Ross's "I'm Coming Out" here.> 

Evi D. 2015 Goals

I'm really big on goals and intentions. It has helped me accomplish things beyond my dreams and what I had originally set out to do or thought was possible. It's also fulfilling for me because that's where my visionary side and execution side come together. I love helping people compile all of their ideas and everything in the clouds into a distilled, succinct, road map that helps them get it done.  As a form of showing my work and also a little added accountability because I'm announcing it to the world. Here's an overview of my goals for 2015.

1. Fill the Well 

Last year I read, Todd Henry's The Accidental Creative and I was so inspired to take action. It was a great reminder of how important it is to engage in all of the things that feed our creative sides. For me it's everything from making cards for my friends, dancing, watching movies, reading fiction, going to museums, traveling, etc. Yes, there's so much work to be done--and let's not forget that the work will ALWAYS be there-- but all of the things that light me up are what keep the inspiration and creative juices flowing for my business. We can't keep shoving the fun stuff to the side because of our massive to-do lists. We have to make time for all of those things that feed us, or we won't be able to come up with the ideas anymore. Our wells will literally run dry. Being out of ideas or not having the clarity to take an idea to the next level is not good for business. Period.

2. Mind the Temple 

I can't kick ass in my day-to-day if I don't take care of myself. Because of my schedule and priorities, taking care of myself has become harder and harder to do. I have to be so intentional about it or I'll end up working to the point of exhaustion. A friend of mine refers to her workout schedule as if it's cancer treatment. That totally resonates with me because we have to set boundaries and take care of ourselves as if our life depends on it--it truly does. Meditating, eating right, working out, and taking breaks/vacations is that serious.

3. Shine On 

In 2014 I noticed I was getting really annoyed with people who aren't really doing the work or making an impact, but are so amazing at their own PR. I realized that while I do care about integrity and am comfortable with my standards, I was just being a hater because I wasn't promoting myself in the way that I know I should. One of the most important things I've learned is that we're all mirrors for each other. So when I feel really frustrated by something and it keeps showing up or nagging at me, I reflect on what it is in myself that's surfacing because of the person or situation I'm focused on. Another person's success is a reminder that the success you want is out there and possible for you. We can't forget that we have to shine and be a light to help others do the same.

Overall, my goals are focused on more money, more doing, more self-care, more fun, more stepping out of my comfort zone, and more shine. I'm finally going to launch The Authentic Hustle(TM). It's been something I've been planning, brainstorming about (and sitting on) for almost a year now--stay tuned. Plus, I'm going to do better about documenting what my day to day is like. It's all in the journey, right?

Here's a peak into my 2015 Soulful Strategic Plan(TM). What do you think?

Evi D Soulful Strategic Planning Notes

I put in at least 10 hours into getting all of my dreams, wishes, goals, dates, hard numbers and ideas on paper.


Now it's your turn! What are your goals for 2015? What are the overall themes? If you could pick a song or picture to remind yourself of your intentions for the year, what would it be?