Fill The Well

Jumping in the Lake + Riding Butterflies

Jumping in the Lake + Riding Butterflies

I had so many people asking all kinds of questions about my experience at Camp GLP. So, here you go! I ended up having a lot to say, so grab some tea and get comfortable. 

Last month, I went to camp.  YES, camp.  I just turned 30 and I packed myself off for a weekend of arts and crafts and people I didn't know.  Camp GLP is hosted by Jonathan Fields, founder of The Good Life Project. I only sort of knew what I was getting into, and am so glad I took the chance and made the decision to invest in myself and go to this fantastic 3 1/2 day retreat for entrepreneurs, movers and shakers.

What Happened in January

January Overview in Pictures
One of the most important things about getting sh!t done is taking the time to sit down and assess what went well, what didn't go so well, and what needs to change. There have been so many times where I went through a whole year of not taking the time to count the wins and then feeling like I didn't even really accomplish much. It took having a conversation with a friend or colleague to help me recognize "Oh I *did* do that!" and "Oh yeah, I got that done too!"  

Here's a little recap in photos to remind me of some things that were accomplished in the first month of the year.


How about you?  Did January go as planned?  What will you do differently?