It's easy to find someone to tell you what they  think you should do.

You could also spend the rest of your life researching and hearing all about how other people have done it and what works for them.  Even with all of that research, you may end up missing out on a deep understanding of what YOU uniquely bring to the table and what truly works for you.  The coaching relationship is based on the premise that you already have all the answers, you just need help uncovering them.  

With Evi D. you get a hybrid of Coaching and Consulting: the best of both worlds.

The consulting side gives you advice and recommendations based on over a decade of expertise in sales, marketing, branding, non profit management and development.   With my training from the University of Miami as a certified professional coach, my coaching process helps connect you with your innate wisdom to define and achieve the desires and goals you've set for yourself.  The goal is to help you make your own choices and find out what will work best for you. It's 100% your agenda, and you're the captain of the ship.  Evi D. is just along for the ride, adding perspective and facilitating "Ah-Ha!" moments.  

Who are my clients?

Entrepreneurs. Startups. Savvy, forward-thinking non-profits. Social Enterprises. Professionals who want more out of their lives and careers.  9-to-5-ers with side hustles and big ideas.  I love working with people and organizations who aren't satisfied with just living or getting by with the bare minimum; they want to thrive, be the best they can be, and make the world a better place. 

What is the process?


The Overall Agenda: What do you want to accomplish with coaching?  What's working? What's not working? Where do you see yourself six months from now? 
Discovery: Who are you bringing to your business?  What are your strengths and weaknesses?  What's your mission and vision? What is your 'why' ? 
Planning: A soulful and centered approach to strategic planning, goal setting, and work life balance.  


After the initial planning, goal setting, and clarity sessions we go into the day-to-day; all of the things that come up between where you're starting from and your goals.  Sessions are held either weekly or bi-weekly for a minimum 4-month period. Each session is usually over the phone or Google Hangout/Skype. The average time period is 6 months or more. Depending on your needs, Evi D. also offers group coaching, single clarity brainstorming sessions, and workshops. 

Want to learn more about my Coaching + Consulting Packages?

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