Coffee Saves the Day

But first...Coffee. 

One thing I completely forgot about visiting Ghana was that most people have tea, Milo, or instant coffee available. Instant. Coffee. I did the Milo thing for a couple mornings (I'm nostalgic), and then I decided to make ginger tea (more on that later) with lemon and honey. So I've been having my ginger tea, and a glass of coconut milk in the morning with breakfast, feeling healthy AF. 

Today, we went to visit the Kokrobitey Institute, a sustainability and resourceful design center right along the coast. It was awesome. However, I had a migraine that just wouldn't quit. Luckily, Helen, the owner of the hostel I'm staying in, had just brought in coffee beans from her last trip and was ready to grind them and try a cup. 

"Just pretend it's Turkish coffee," Helen said, as she handed me the cup of super dark coffee. My eyes were still squinting from the pain, but within about 10 minutes I was back to normal and no longer tired. I only drink one cup of coffee a day, and I am so glad it's back in my life lol. There are a couple of coffee shops in the hot spots of Accra.  I now know that I either need to pack some beans and a french press or hop into the nearest coffee shop first thing the next time I visit.